Ample Sample 2008: Call For Entries


Over 700,000 carpet samples will get shipped this year, helping for architects and interior designers pick the perfect pattern and color, but not much use after that; often, they just get tossed. Thankfully, the Ample Sample design competition is back, challenging designers to "Rethink. Reuse. Upcycle" and come up with a better use for all those carpet samples.

Winning designs will be promoted at NeoCon, in Floor Focus Magazine and available as a free download to forward-thinking designers all around the world. The deadline is May 16, and designs can be submitted digitally directly through their site. Hit the jump for pics of last year's winners and runners-up, and get all the details at::Ample Sample 2008

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"Rugburn" -- last year's winner


"Care-E Bag"


"Mag Daddy Caddy"

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