Ample Sample 2007: Rethink, Reuse, Upcycle


Attention interior designers: the Ample Sample 2007 design competition is coming, and with it, an opportunity to turn unused carpet samples into something a little more useful. Tricycle has teamed up with Bentley Prince Street (featured here and here on TreeHugger) and Floor Focus magazine to sponsor the design competition, which challenges designers to use some of the 700,000+ carpet samples that will ship this year for something other than a dust collector after they've helped an interior designer or architect pick the perfect carpet. In every interior design firm's resource library, a shelf is overflowing with carpet samples. Rethink these beautiful, fashion-forward textiles... they aren't trash, destined for the dumpster: they're design materials. Entrants are challenged to create a design that will transform these textiles into a beautiful and/or functional fixture, piece of furniture... or any interior product you dream up. The winners will be promoted at NeoCon World's Trade Fair in Chicago (in June -- see our coverage of last year's event here), in Floor Focus magazine, and have blueprints of their design posted for free download by forward-thinking designers around the world. Better hurry, though; all designs must be received by May 15. ::Ample Sample via ::Core77 and tipster Andrea

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