Ample Sample 2007: And The Winner Is...


Resource libraries in architecture and interior design firms are flooded with over 700,000 carpet samples every year; each is cut, boxed and shipped for that express purpose, and once their purpose is served, they often head for the dumpster. Created with the notion that we can do better than that, the Ample Sample design competition searches for the best way to not just recycle and reuse these samples, but the best way to upcycle them into something beautiful and functional. We mentioned the contest earlier this year, and, after thousands of carpet tiles were upcycled, they have chosen a winner (cue the drumroll): Rugburn, which uses 42 samples of various colors, rolled into various sizes, to create a colorful lounge chair. The different diameters "yield different comfort densities. Ergonomics how to locate the rolled tiles", so we suppose the chair could have different configurations depending on how forgiving you want your lounge chair to be. All the finalists deserve a firm handshake and pat on the back, though, for their innovative use of the samples; our favorites are after the jump. ::Ample Sample via ::Haute*Nature


"Care-E Bag", made from a single carpet sample and a couple blocks of scrap wood, and "provides a convenient way to carry your things and tells the world your GREEN!"


"Mag Daddy Caddy" is made up of 1/2 of a full carpet tile sample; "For each carpet sample, you can make two MAG CADDY's: one for home and one for the office."

Stay tuned for the NeoCon People's Choice Award, coming next week.

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