Amphibious Camping Trailer Morphs From Tent Into Boat

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This design for the Sealander will without a doubt capture the attention of anyone who likes to be comfortable while camping, but keep a small footprint. The tiny trailer can be pulled behind a car, the interior rearranges from kitchen to sleeping area, and best of all, you can put the pod out on the water if you feel like going boating for a bit.


When I was growing up, "camping" meant taking backroads in hills and along rivers until we found a place that looked picture perfect, and sleeping in the bed of the truck at night. If we wanted to go out on the water, we rolled our pants into shorts and went swimming, not boating. All this is to say that now that I'm all grown up, I have some sort of "ooooooohhh!"-o-matic that goes off when I see any level of luxury that you can take along when camping, but that doesn't weigh you down. Sealander fits the bill for a trailer, tent, and boat in one odd little pod. Very intriguing.

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The Sealander is small enough to be pulled behind a mid-size car, and it is small enough that you don't need any special permits, mirrors or gear to pull it. The roof can be peeled back to make it an open-air place to sit or watch the stars, or keep it closed while sleeping. And when it comes to boating, there's another great surprise for green-minded campers -- the motor is a "low-emissions electric motor".

The Sealander website writes, "Through its integrated waterproof chassis can be Sealander without trailers and slipway just launched. Among the wide bowl shape provides high stability and thus a safe location on the water. Due to the shallow draft can also navigate shallow waters. A low-emission electric motor allows the unlicensed use of almost all inland waters. The accumulator of the outboard motor can also take advantage of the power of the interior and while driving on land can be easily loaded on the towing vehicle."

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Also, the interior can be customized, and reminds us of minimalist apartment spaces. "Depending on the needs of the application [you] can modify the interior modules, or remove completely. The seats can convert to a spacious deck area. In front of the benches, the cooking and sink modules [can be used as a refrigerator] and heater."

Sealander - Schwimmcaravan - Grenzenlos mobil from SEALANDER - Der Schwimmcaravan on Vimeo.

If you're getting excited about the possibility of having a camping trailer and boat that can be pulled behind your rented Zipcar, hold your horses. As Red Ferret reports, "This won't be up for grabs until 2012 at some point, but you're going to be looking at about $20,400 depending on different designs and configurations. "

Still, this might be a great, low-footprint way to get out more, with a little bit of comfort enticing you to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate being in the middle of a piece of nature.

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sealander image

sealander image

sealander image

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