Amor de Madre for Unconventional Objects


You’ve come across Amor de Madre before when we featured their ComeBagAgain here. Lamarta and Ernest Perera are the main designers behind Amor de Madre. They made it their mission to distribute design objects they ‘feel amor de madre (mother love) for and that often don’t suit the conventional commercial circuits’. As a small Spanish company it is very important to them to know the designers as well as the stories behind the products they distribute and to maintain a close relationship with them. Amor de Madre believe that each designer should control (like a mother) the entire production line of their products. They say their protective instinct does not prevent them from being bold, to explore new territories, to entertain and to respect the environment. There is certainly a green side to a lot of their objects.
Examples are: Bonus Track, the recyclable cardboard CD wall rack which doesn’t result in any off-cuts, Galet, a handbag made from natural felt, Estaps, a pot stand made from aluminium and cork and Felpudo Maldito, a carpet made from coconut fibres. All the products are available through their very pleasant web site, their showroom in Barcelona (calle Cometa 6, baixo 6) and various shops in Spain and Germany so far. ::Amor de Madre