Amir Sanei Builds a House of Doors

wendy house sanei photo

Images from WAN

Architect Amir Sanei has a lovely garden in Suffolk in the UK, and enjoys building things in it. He discusses his lovely garden shed in World Architecture News:

"I didn't set out to make a Wendy House, I set out to make something. It grew out of windows I found in a skip [dumpster] and thinking about how they might be arranged," he said, "The scale was door height to a child."

wendy house sanei rear photo

He built the project with just £750 of materials (plus the bin full of doors).

The windows surround three sides of the building with the fourth as a solid wall housing shelving on the inside and sheathed in mirror on the outside. This reflects back on to the neighbours' garden camouflaging the teeny structure. The neighbours are in fact big fans; their children use the Wendy House too.

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It reminds me a bit of one that I worked on years ago.

treehouse. sanei image

The Wendy House certainly looks like a safer place to play than Sanei's tree house, made of galvanized steel and scrap wood, shown in Dwell in 2006 and this tiny house this week. Those sharp corners scare me.