America's Top 10 Green Schools

The editors of the The Green Guide went out in search of the greenest schools in the U.S. They looked to the Green Building Council's LEED standards, as well as a number of their own criteria. At the top of the list was the award-winning Clackamas High School in Oregon. For this school, Boora Architects secured a 44 percent reduction in energy consumption. They encouraged the students to join in creating full-scale mock-ups of buildings to test daylighting and ventilation through convection along with both sustainable energy and long-life materials.The new Michael E. Capuano Early Childhood Center in Somerville, Massachusetts was second on the list. The school has solar panels on the roof, rubberized tot lots made from recycled tires, skylights and a sophisticated air-circulating system. Orchestrated by architect Douglas Sacra, part of work included digging up and disposing of ll,l60 tons of soil contaminated with PCB, mercury and lead.

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