America's 10 Best Eco-Neighbourhoods


As the real estate meltdown continues to deepen, some places may hold their value better than others. Perhaps those communities that were designed to be green will be among the best- they cost less to operate, and are designed more densely to make it easy to get around without a car.

The Natural Homes Jan/Feb edition picks their ten best. Two are built on old airport sites (in Denver, six million tons of runway concrete were reused to make bike paths) , some are urban infills like Greenbridge, (TreeHugger here) while some look like very pretty suburbs that we might have some questions about.


Pringle Creek in Salem, Oregon, has "130 carbon-neutral/net-zero-energy residences—including single- and multi-family houses, cottages, row houses and apartments—with LEED-certified retail, work spaces, parks and community buildings."

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