American Federation of Teachers Passes Landmark Green Schools and Colleges Resolution

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It may have slipped by your news reader during the dog days of summer, but don’t think for a second that the AFT’s recent adoption of a green schools and colleges resolution is anything less than a landmark event; because with 1,400,000 members the AFT has the membership muscle to back up their call for greener schools in America.Of course, the simple fact that 20% of America goes to school every day should make the greening of our schools a priority, as 56 million students and 4 million teachers make their way into buildings that sometimes seem straight out of the dark ages of architectural design.

And all that despite the fact that research has shown green schools make a difference not only with the health and success of our students and staff by reducing absenteeism and leading to increased test scores, but in the pocketbooks of the taxpaying public. A group that’s sure to feel the pinch in the years ahead as difficult economic times coupled with rising energy costs mean the call for greener and more intelligently designed schools will most certainly find their way into the greater public consciousness. And with the addition of the AFT, there's no doubt the green schools movement has gained a powerful and positive voice for change.

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