AMD + Open Architecture Network Announce Design Challenge


Last week AMD and Open Architecture Network announced their forthcoming collaboration in the form of an international design competition. The AMD Open Architecture Challenge invites architects and designers from all over the world to find ways of improving living conditions for half the world's population surviving on less than $2 a day. Open Architecture Network say that this Challenge will be a biannual event and each one will focus on different systemic issues around the world. This year's inaugural Challenge will focus on the design and construction of technology centers. AMD are sponsoring the Challenge through their 50x15 initiative which aims to bring affordable computers and internet to 50% of the world by 2015. $250 000 will be provided for the construction and implementation of the winning project. The Challenge will officially launch in September and entrants will have four months to make their proposals, but in the meantime all those communities who feel that they would greatly benefit from a technology center may become partners of the Challenge, and possible recipients of the winning design, by registering on OAN before July 20th. :: Open Architecture Network

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