AMD Open Architecture Challenge Selects Community Partners


We are excited to announce today that three community partners that have been selected for the AMD Open Architecture Challenge. This groundbreaking international design competition will be launched officially this coming Wednesday 12th September, in conjunction with the Open Architecture Network, Architecture For Humanity and AMD's 50x15 program, which aims to help connect 50% of the world to the Internet by 2015. The competition will ask for design proposals from professionals and students around the world for three individual projects on three continents!

In South America the Kallari Association, Ecuadorian organic chocolate + sustainable handcraft producers, has been selected for a fair trade exchange, chocolate production center and satellite rural technology points. In Africa the SIDAREC project to empower Kenyan youth through a media centre and recording studio has been selected. In Asia the Nyaya Health project has been selected, it proposes a tele-medicine center to allow Nepalese families access to health care from top physicians and medical professionals all over the world.The selected community partners have been chosen from 115 entries from 35 countries around the world. 40 professionals from the fields of design, technology, environmental science and international development have spent the last month reviewing each and every entry. Open Architecture Network tell us that, "The challenge will focus on the design and construction of technology centers that will help a broad cross-section of a community realize greater educational, social and business opportunities via the Internet."

This design competition will, "Reach beyond the traditional bounds of architecture by challenging architects, designers and others to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to improve living conditions around the world." Individuals and groups who are interested in entering proposals will be able to download the briefs from the OAN website next week. AFH are also relying on you social design enthusiasts for some viral marketing as there are no funds allocated for an official press conference. Please link the AMD Challenge to blogs, social networks and all your friends. You can start by joining the Challenge Facebook Group :: Open Architecture Network :: Architecture For Humanity :: AMD 50x15

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