AMD Open Architecture Asia Challenge: Nyaya Health, Nepal


Three projects, three sites, three continents and one very big design challenge. We have already introduced you to the first two selected Community Partners, Kallari in Ecuador and SIDAREC in Kenya. To meet the third partner we must travel to rural Nepal where the Nyaya Health organisation has been set up to provide community-based healthcare in one the poorest areas of Asia.

Nyaya Health works in the districts of Achham and Doti and focuses on providing maternal and child health services to poor patients, which equates to free health services for an area of 440,000 people. The project they have submitted to the AMD Challenge is a proposal to construct a tele-medicine center which will enable families in this remote rural area of Nepal, where there is only one doctor for a population of 250 000, to access healthcare from top physicians and medical professionals all over the world. Nyaya Health believe that by working with a team-approach, combining local community health workers, nurses, physicians, and midwives, with access to medical expertise from around the globe they can dramatically raise the standard of health care in this region.

Competitors are challenged to design a tele-medicine/health facility and a community technology center for the local NGO, Nyaya Health. Located in the rural town of Sanfe Bagar in the Achham district of western Nepal, this facility will provide medical services to the town and surrounding villages.

The proposed facility will allow local healthcare workers to:

• provide more accurate diagnosis and treatment via tele-medicine consultations and training sessions with international physicians
• communicate reliably and regularly with U.S. physicians who will provide interpretations of X-rays, laboratories and drug susceptibility assays
• provide internet access to medical databases and training programs to optimize patient care
• access open-source software packages designed to facilitate the rapid procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies
• provide computer training and internet access to the community at-large
• provide a public gathering space for the exchange of health information and other community services

To find out more about the Asia Challenge and Nyaya Health please got to the Open Architecture Network where you can download the design brief, find out about the site and learn more about this area of Nepal.

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