Amazingness is looking for publisher

It is that time of year again when fledgling designers are fleeing the nest that is Design School to try and make their own way in the world. For any graduate designer the big wide world out there usually turns out to be tougher, smaller and more competitive than previously imagined, but this is even truer for the recent graduates of Eco-Design Degrees, of which encouragingly more and more are appearing. However, there are still relatively few design companies dedicating themselves to eco-design and eco-designers are most likely to be found fighting the good fight, as undercover agents, from within a well established practice. For these reasons we want to give a leg up to the most interesting graduate projects we’ve seen so far this year. We start with Anna Hillman who with a beautiful book has set out to bring our attention to the details of nature within our cities. Disheartened by the general perception that nature can’t be appreciated within the urban concrete jungle, Anna has set out to dispel this myth with ‘Amazingness’. The book focuses on the details of nature all around us that in our hurrying to and fro we generally fail to notice. Taking time to appreciate that small wild flower growing on top of the brick wall or to feel the lovely soft texture of moss as it grows between the bricks, can momentarily transport us from our pressured lives into a space of calm and tranquillity. Hopefully this new awareness will make us more appreciative of our environment, consequently encouraging us to take more care of it. Anna is currently looking for a publisher for her book so if any of you amazing publishy type people out there want to volunteer yourselves for the job please get in touch with her and your nearest wall! Oh and don’t forget to look at the sky the next time you find yourself staring forlornly at the ground! ::Anna Hillman [Leonora & Petz]