Amazing Lamp Entirely Made Of Dry Grape-Twigs

Lamp From Recycled Grape Twigs Photo

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Talk about a good use of food leftovers: Mexican artist Diego Perez designed the Proyector lamp using dry grape-twigs he gathered with the help of friends and local juice stands, as A-Seis explains. Who knew those could make such a cool material? A closer look and another project inside.

Lamp From Recycled Grape Twigs Detail Photo

Another project he took is this coat rack made with mulitas, a kind of reed that grows in riversides in Mexico and that local artisans sell for little price. The actual hanging parts are the roots, and all the wood was carved by artisans.

Clothes Hanger From Native Mexican Wood Photo

Unfortunately we're still working on getting this guy's contact info, but definitely interesting and replicable use of materials that we can all get inspired by.

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