Amazing House Made Entirely of Plastic Bottles from Argentina (Photos)

House Made Entirely of Plastic Bottles in Argentina Photo

Photos: Courtesy of house owners.

At Puerto Iguazu, near the frontier between Argentina and Brazil, lies this amazing house made entirely with recycled materials. Made by a local family, its walls have over 1200 PET bottles and its ceiling, more than 1300 Tetra Pak cartons. Find out more and see more pics inside.

Bedroom and Bed Made with Plastic Bottles Photo

The house is an initiative of Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family, who did it as a personal project to show the enormous value of materials we throw everyday. "Domestic waste can be transformed into useful stuff. We developed our own technique, which allows people to build a house that's perfectly functional at a very low cost and with their own hands. This is not just a project, but a reality," says Alfredo Santa Cruz.

The family is now open to give free courses about construction with recovered materials (asking only for travel expenses and a place to stay) with the idea of expanding this practice so that more people are able to build with trash.

Kids House Made with Plastic Bottles Photo

Apart from the mentioned amount of bottles and Tetra Pak cartons, the house has 140 compact disk cases in its doors and windows, 120 plastic bottles in couches, and another 200 bottles in a bed.

The place has a big house and a smaller children home, apart from furniture and accessories made with recycled materials as well.

Interior of House Made Entirely of Plastic Bottles Photo

Even if we've seen some houses with plastic bottles before, we gotta give some credit to this amazing construction. To contact Alfredo and his family, write to lacasaecologicadebotellas at hotmail dot com, and read more on the house at its website

Bench Made with Plastic Bottles Photo

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