Aluna - A Proposal For The World's First Tidal Powered Moon Clock.


This beautifully monumental public art work is a proposal for a lunar clock which will track the 'the phase and position of the Moon, and the height of the tides'. A group of British designers and engineers have grouped together under the name of The Aluna Project to create this forty metre wide, five storey high structure which will be situated in both the UK and Australia, making it a dual-hemisphere installation. The design team say Aluna is designed to incorporate science, technology and sustainability into public art. Aluna is described as 'a journey of rediscovery of the natural science between the Moon, the tides and a planet dominated by water. Aluna makes the link between ourselves, the Earth and the Moon. Aluna leaves an awareness of our place in the Universe and encourages a sustainable future. Aluna demonstrates one of the world’s most reliable renewable energy sources. As long as the Moon circles the Earth, the Earth keeps turning and the oceans don’t freeze, the tides will keep ebbing and flowing.' The structure will be made out of a steel skeleton clad in translucent curved glass. Underneath the glass LEDs provide the illumination for the three rings. The LEDs are powered directly by renewable energy harnessed from the tides using on-site turbine technology. The animation of light from the LEDS is called ‘Alunatime’ and flows slowly and continuously around the structure in a clockwise direction in the UK and anti-clockwise direction in Australia. TreeHugger thinks that if this project is created with due attention to local materials and sustainable construction processes is could be an amazingly significant visual attraction for local communities and visitors from around the globe - which ever hemisphere you are in! To show your support for the Aluna Project you can sign a petition to help with fundraising in London. ::Aluna Time via: Style Will Save Us, also featured on Inhabitat.