Alternating Tread Stair Built in House for $20K

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I love showing alternating tread stairs; they are a great way to save space and are surprisingly easy to use. Justin at StairPorn found this elegant one in a surprising place: A house built at the Rural Studio of Auburn University, where four students designed and built a house with $ 10,000 worth of materials and $10,000 worth of labour.

Ryan Stephenson, Joey Fante, Kait Caldwell, Aimee O’Carroll built the Loft House in the 2007-2008 season. Joey Fante writes in ArchDaily:

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"The 20K project is a continuing project, now in its 6th year. It is a project based on trying to design|build|create alternative forms of housing on a very tight budget. The project was originally conceived on the 502 loan program from the United States Agriculture Program. The loan program was set into action through the works of HERO (Hale Empowerment Revitalization Organization) setting up persons with appropriate loans that they could be approved for, with loans starting at $20,000 for new housing. The concept of the 20K is to design and build a house for $10,000 in materials and $10,000 in proposed labor cost.

20K house expoded perspective image

At the Rural Studio, the students are the designers and the contractors, acting out all manors of the project. For the 2007/2008 thesis class from Auburn University, the project for all was the $20K. Joining the thesis class for that year was the outreach class, students not from Auburn University, but from all across the globe.

20K house finished interior photo

As four teams of four were created- so were four new 20K houses: the pattern book house . the loft house . the roundwood house . the bridge house. Each team took their own unique approach to design and construction on such a tight budget. Within a calendar year four new clients all had new houses- houses they owned with the help of HERO."

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