Almost Underground House Blends In With Landscape

aloni house greece green roof photo roof

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Perhaps we have to rethink the term "green roof", because in many climates it might be mostly other colours, like this one in Greece by Deca Architecture and shown on Designboom.

aloni house greece green roof photo 2

Although we tend to avoid writing about big holiday homes as being by definition not very green, the way this fills in the valley and the way the roof works is fascinating. The Architects write:

The site is a natural saddle where two slopes meet. In the north-south axis the slope rises between two hills while in the east-west axis the slope drops, opening to the sea
views. Two long stone walls bridge the hills allowing the house to nestle in the space
within while maintaining the continuity of the landscape which flows over it. This simple
strategy blurs the edges of the house and makes its mass imperceptible within the broader
skyline of the island.

aloni house greece green roof photo wall

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