Alloy Homes Goes Green


We have always admired Calgary's Alloy Homes, which has built interesting modern homes in Calgary and around the West. Founder architect Christopher Lemke is reinventing the profession by covering it end to end, from real estate through design, construction and sales. He decided that modern was marketable when others didn't; Now he is doing the same with green design. The new EcoHome (at least it is not a pod!) is on an urban site next to a park, (if you share a common recreation area you don't need so much yard space and can build a higher density community). Check this off your list: Preserved natural vegetation, natural ventilation, an innovative "passive geothermal" climate modification system-(earth tubes, where incoming air is channelled through pipes buried in the ground. Not new, and in most cases tried before, wonderful rodent subdivisions) careful material selections for for good air quality. We need lots more of this: Speculative builders willing to take risks on green design. ::Alloy Homes