Behold the Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine, the greatest invention ever

Screen capture Peter Browne video

TreeHugger often wrote about really useless and silly wastes of energy and materials like the Microwavable S'mores maker or the electric martini mixer. These were what the Unclutterer website called uni-taskers: devices that do one thing (that you could just as easily done yourself), take up space on your counter and involve a lot of material and energy. But I have to announce that the Waste of Energy Dept and the Just What We Needed Dept are now officially closed, done, over, expired.

That's because the most over the top entry in either department that can possibly be imagined has just been built by two retired British gentlemen, Peter Browne and Mervyn Huggett. They spent a thousand hours building the Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine. It does one thing, one day a week, but what a show it puts on.


It is designed to make people laugh, but it also has to do the job. So eggs are dropped into boiling water for 4:30,


tea bags are dipped into the cup (really? that's how you make a perfect cup of tea?)


They even reinvented the toaster. My two favorite features are at the beginning, when the sunday newspaper dumps onto the table, and at the end, when the retractable tablecloth at the end that dumps all the dishes into a bin.

It is everything we have always complained about: it takes up a ton of space, does something that you can do yourself, uses a huge amount of energy (that toaster!) and is totally wonderful.

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