Alice Rawsthorn on the Best Designed Products of the Year


Alice Rawsthorn of the International Herald Tribune (and who I think is one of the best writers on design around) picks her favourite designs of the year, loves the iPhone- "The only serious candidate for 2007's design product of the year" but suggests that

While Apple's rivals play catch-up, they'd do well to reflect on the other new component of "good design" where Apple fares less well - sustainability. With a few honorable exceptions, the story of sustainable, ethical or guilt-free (call it what you will) design has been embarrassingly flimsy. That's why 90 percent of design is destined for the 10 percent of the global population that needs it least (the privileged minority) and why so much of that stuff is designed, made, sold and discarded with little or no thought for the environmental consequences. ::iPhone's magic touch becomes design's gold standard for 2007

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