AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Buildings of 2006


Its the Award Season and next up is the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and their Committee on the Environment, announcing their 2006 Top Ten Green Projects. Talk about going to the dogs- The Animal Foundation Dog Adoption Park shown above is designed to " create a dignified way of presenting animals to the adopting public and to use green strategies, with the intention of achieving a LEED(r) Platinum certification"
Competition criteria include:
• Sustainable design intent & innovation
• Regional/community design & connectivity
• Land use and site ecology
• Bioclimatic design
• Light & air
• Water cycle
• Energy flows & energy future
• Materials & construction
• Long life, loose fit
• Collective wisdom & feedback loops
See all of the winners at the ::AIA site, and read the very thorough review at ::Inhabitat