AIA Discover A Global Warming Misunderstanding


Image from Freaking News.

Americans responding to a survey by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) seems not to be aware just how much their buildings contribute to global warming via the emission of greenhouse gases. In the US buildings consume 71% of power plant electricity and are responsible for 48% of the countries GHG emissions. But survey respondents placed them down near the same level as aerosol cans (1%), with only seven percent correctly pointing the finger at buildings as the biggest, baddest cause of emissions. Most (40%) thought it was cars and trucks, while others blamed power plants (19%) or natural causes (15%), with (18% not willing to take a stab at the question.

On the up side, the AIA survey found that 91% reckoned they'd be prepare to cough up another five grand for an energy efficient house. That's some mandate. And gives credence to the AIA for their push for reform of US Govt Energy Bills. One their platforms is advocating for the "creation of a Zero-Energy Commercial Buildings Initiative at DOE to focus on the goal of carbon neutrality." ::AIA Global Warming Survey, via Dexigner.

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