Ahoy Matey, Shed Of The Year Competition Winner Announced

shed of the year competition pirate shed photo exterior

There is the Pritzker, the Prix de Rome, the RIBA and the AIA awards, and then there is the Shed of the Year prize, honouring the best of this "cornerstone of British culture." I have had the honour of being a judge three years running, and my top choice never won before. But this year, there was no contest at all, The Lady Sarah Out of Worthing, Southend-on-Sea, Essex Owned by Reg Miller, ran away with the show.

I love the idea of sheds because they give you a bit of room without a big renovation or a lot of regulation. They also provide for an explosion of design innovation; anyone can do it. This competition had over a thousand entries from all over the world. My favourites ascribe to a Miesian"less is more" aesthetic, but Reg is more of the Morris Lapidus School: "Too much is never enough"

shed of the year competition pirate shed photo interior

Juror and TreeHugger regular Alex Johnston of Shedworking said:

The Lady Sarah shows that there's much more to a shed than four walls and a roof - the pirate atmosphere is superbly evoked throughout and underlines that when it comes to creativity, sheddies have it in spades.

shed of the year competition pirate shed photo pond

I wrote:

Arggh, matey, what can one say? it's made from recycled materials, it is not just a shed but a complete environment where Johnny Depp would feel at home. Pieces of eight and a bottle of rum for the Lady Sara! Humour, style, energy all in one.

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