Affordable Green Housing in New York


It is a point of controversy and a question of degree, but green buildings cost more to build, even though they are cheaper to operate. So when one is built that is completely for low income residents and foster care graduates, one takes notice. David & Joyce Dinkins Gardens was built by Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement (HCCI) and Jonathan Rose Companies, noted in TreeHugger earlier for their work restoring office buildings in Seattle. and designed by Dattner Architects. Features include:"Individually ventilated apartments reduce the mixing of air between units, for better indoor air quality. Fresh air is drawn in continuously through window trickle vents and expelled horizontally
through voids in the concrete plank, as opposed to vertical ducts." ( this is significant; in traditional buildings, corridors are pressurized to keep smells in the units, but if anyone has their door open or smokes in the corridor it goes everywhere.)

-solar shading on the south facade;

"A Rainwater Harvesting System will funnel water from the roof into storage tanks to be used for irrigation, reducing utility costs and stormwater run-off."

also included are energy-efficient mechanical systems, a high-performance wall and roof system, green building materials such as recycled components, low VOC materials and a green roof. ::Sustainable Design Update and ::GreenBuildings NYC