Édouard François Plants A New Green Tower In Nantes

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Parisian architect Édouard François is the master of the green façade; unlike living walls, the vegetation is planted in soil and survives without a lot of technology and pumps. His breakout building was the Flower Tower and the Tour Végétale de Nantes, would have been a sort of elliptical version of it, had it not been cancelled. (Thanks, commenter Gwendal)Édouard François nantes tower image
Designboom writes:

Wavering elliptical balconies surround the 17 storey structure, providing the static unit with a sense of life and movement. defined by its lush green facade, the building is layered with thin metal tubes that support a collection of plants grown by the local botanical garden. The containers - which measure 12cm in diameter and 4 meters in length - will be dispersed along the terrace railings, and are thought to successfully recreate the natural conditions of the chasmophyte vegetation.

Édouard François nantes tower image

My first thought was to wonder how big a plant can you get at the end of a 13" diameter pipe, but chasmophytes are plants that grow out of rock crevices and don't need a lot of soil. In fact, they are "capable of growing in cracks completely devoid of organic soil." François certainly has a lot of experience with that, as shown in my favourite project of his, the Sprout Building in Montpellier.
Édouard François nantes tower image
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