Adorable Puppy Gets a New Home in an Old Fridge

fridge doghouse photo


I'm a little late posting this, but it's just as irresistible as when the pictures first came out: an old refrigerator recycled into a dog house for a puppy that had nowhere to sleep. Inhabitat reports that the Y-town folks in China have been designing furniture from recycled fridges (and other recycled materials, including electronic waste) for years, so when they offered Chuichui a home but had to make the home first, they made it out of this fridge.They even upgraded it with a slanting roof:

fridge dog house photo

Inhabitat explains more:

The door was opened to create an entrance and exit ramp, and the refrigerator's main compartment was outfitted with a soft cushion to serve as the "bedroom." The other wire rack-divided compartments become areas for drinking water or eating puppy chow.

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