Adorable Piggy Lamp Sends Not One But Two Energy Awarenss Messages

piggy lamps photo

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It's cute, it's plump, it comes complete with a curly tail....that lights up. It's the energy savings piggy lamp. Created by Ariel Rojo Design Studio, the lamp is intended to send a message about energy savings...but it actually sends two. Alternative Consumer writes something true enough, "Are we 'piggish' in our power use or - transitioning to an energy conscious approach that benefits both our pocketbook and the planet? I don't think you"ll light-up a 1,000 square foot room with one of these CFL-tailed little porkers, but they're symbolically enlightening nonetheless."

piggy lamps photo

Indeed, it could be good as a little night light. But if that's all it can do, then is the energy awareness enough to cancel out the embodied energy of this little lamp, made of white ceramic and sporting a CFL bulb? Not only does this lamp serve as a reminder about energy efficiency, but it also serves as a reminder for us to create items that have low enough embodied energy that the actually do help conserve energy not just in the very long run, but right off the manufacturing line.

This lamp, if it really served as a high quality lamp, could potentially do that. But most likely it'd be thought of as a cute (very, very cute) addition to a kid's room, rather than an energy awareness tool.

Luckily, it seems to be just a concept design, and not an actual product.

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