Adorable Greenhouse Made From 100,000 Clear Lego Blocks at London Design Festival


Photo: B. Alter
London Design Festival is back and to kick it off, structures and creations are popping up in strange and wonderful places.

No survey of outside design can ignore the adorable LEGO Greenhouse, supposedly the world's first greenhouse made out of you-know-what. It is made from 100,000 LEGO bricks: walls, floors and even the earth inside is made out of LEGO. Sunflowers and hydrangeas are growing inside...

inside lego photo

Photo: B. Alter

There are gaps between the bricks to let in air and there is an irrigation system.

out levente photo

Photo: B. Alter

The Victoria & Albert Museum is a good starting point since they have gone all out with the Timber Wave (above) outside and the Bouroullec brothers inside.

out event photo

Photo: B. Alter

The Timber Wave by Amanda Levente of AL_A graces the front entrance of the museum. It is a 3-D lattice spiral which is three stories high. It is made out of specially formed pieces of American red oak. Digital tools and 3D modelling show the link that can be made between furniture-making techniques and large structures. Levente is the architect of choice this month: she won the commission to do the extension to the museum and her pylon design is in the final short-list of six.

bour one photo

Photo: B. Alter

Inside, in the beautiful Raphael Court, a room which houses 7 paintings by the italian painter, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have installed a massive Textile Field. Taking up over 240 sq. metres, it is made of soft fabric in stripes which pick up the colours of the pictures. It's a big lounging, oops meditative, area.

bour elec photo

Photo: B. Alter
They say: 'We have decided to provide a kind of furniture element that helps people to relax their bodies and so relax their minds. And then, maybe, the meaning will come.'

arik levy photo

Photo: B. Alter

Not to be outdone, the Natural History Museum has installed Osmosis, 3 geometric structures by Arik Levy. More than 6 feet tall, in white, grey and red, they signify the regeneration of ourselves and nature.

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