Adobe Achieves LEED Platinum


Adobe Systems, developers of the fabulous and ubiquitous Photoshop, Acrobat and other solutions for the design and publishing enthusiast, have broken new ground again, this time in green building. The software developer recently announced that one of their San Jose buildings has reached the highest level of environmental efficiency and friendliness. Their West Tower recently achieved the U.S. Green Building Council's highest award: LEED-EB Platinum for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in an existing building. It's the first building in the country to receive the platinum certification since the Green Building Council's existing-building program went public in 2004. The building features a bevy of cost-saving, energy-saving systems, including a computer system that checks the weather forecast before turning on the sprinklers. The $3,600 smart irrigation system will pay for itself in less than five months, by saving $10,000 each year. By retrofitting parking garages in the East and West towers with fluorescent lighting, Adobe will save $100,436 a year on an investment that cost only $157,775. We hope others in Silicon Valley see that being green and saving cash goes together like Photo and Shop. ::Mercury News via ::Hugg