Adhocism in Action: Shopping Cart Is Repurposed Into Lounge Chair

mike bouchet shoping cart photo

Images Credit Mike Bouchet, Courtesy of Cumulus Studios

It is what architectural theorist Charles Jencks called it Adhocism back in 1968:

Basically it involves using an available system or dealing with an existing situation in a new way to solve a problem quickly and effectively. It is a method of creation relying particularly on resources which are already at hand.

And people are still doing it.Designboom shows artist Mike Bouchet's repurposing and reappropriating of a shopping cart, turning it into "an object of leisure and design."

mike bouchet shoping cart photo

The artist at work.

They explain in Designboom:

Bouchet alters the frames of zinc plated steel carts, cutting off the sides of the buggies and modifying their front and back panels by bending them backwards or forwards to achieve certain angles to create lawn chairs / sun loungers. The carts' childseats are remounted to serve as headrests, allowing one to readjust it to a comfortable height. there is a slight spring to the design, reinforced at major stress points in order to retain structural integrity over time and use. The result is a set of five seating objects, each outfitted with an outdoor, weatherproof, polyester foam cushion exhibiting different patterns.

Bouchet is represented by landscape designer Nathalie Karg of Cumulus Studios, which has a line of extraordinary outdoor furniture. She writes:

Cumulus Studios gives artists the freedom to execute a personal fantasy with its only limitation being functionality and weather resistance. The participating artists embrace the invitation with great enthusiasm and wit.

mike bouchet shoping cart photo

Indeed; I want that swing. Lots more at Cumulus Studios.
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