Adhocism in Action: Coffee Table Made From Pipe Wrenches

neimuth coffee table pipe wrenches photo

Images credit Johnathan Niemuth

Today we call it repurposing; In 1973, Nathan Silver and Charles Jencks called it Adhocism:

It can be applied to many human endeavours, denoting a principle of action having speed or economy and purpose or utility. Basically it involves using an available system or dealing with an existing situation in a new way to solve a problem quickly and effectively. It is a method of creation relying particularly on resources which are already at hand.

Designer Jonathan Niemuth demonstrates adhocism at its best with his coffee table made of pipe wrenches.

neimuth coffee table pipe wrenches photo

I have three of the things, and they just sit in a tool box for about 363 days per year. Now they can serve a second function. And a great feature is that those feet are going to be completely adjustable!

neimuth coffee table pipe wrenches photo

Neimuth is one to watch, as he takes possession of his new electric reverse tricycle.

Found on Apartment Therapy
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