Actors Demonstrate How To Save Energy... In a Glass-Walled Shipping Container

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BC Hydro

Here's a great gig for your typical marginally employed actor: sit in a shipping container all day to demonstrate how to save energy. BC Hydro converted two shipping containers into lovely little apartments with glass walls; In one, an actor has blazing lights, big TV and a computer running, while in the other, the actor follows the typical TreeHugger recommended regime of turning off lights, reading by the plentiful natural light. Giant meters display their respective consumption; truly a power struggle.

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Ryan Haneman on Twitter

Lisa Coltart of BC Hydro explains the point in a press release:

Each day, the actors will embark on a typical day-to-day routine, demonstrating the simple behavioural changes that people can make in the workplace and at home. Displays affixed to the exterior of each cube condo will provide simulated consumption readings to allow the public to see the difference in the energy use when comparing energy-efficient living to inefficient and wasteful behaviour.

"The efficient cube condo is expected to use about 80 per cent less electricity, demonstrating that being Power Smart is not about sacrificing style and comfort to save energy. It is about using energy efficiently and wisely," said Coltart. "We have added touch screens and other interactive elements to allow passersby to learn more about the behaviours they see in the cubes and implement them when they get back to their homes and offices."

shipping container powersmart living photo ryan haneman

Ryan Haneman self-portrait.

Actor Ryan Haneman was in the box and tweeted about it @ryanhaneman, describing his tips for survival:

  • It's chilly in here so instead of turning up the heat I wrapped myself in a blanket.
  • I don't know about you folks but I turn off the powerbar when I'm not using my entertainment unit.
  • Hang dry your clothes. Think of all the energy you are saving....also all the dollars. You can save money to go on vacation.

He did seem a little bored at times, but hey, it's a gig. And it's probably a nicer place to live than most actors can afford in expensive Vancouver. I suspect that if BC Hydro put out a call for people to live in these things full time, on display, they would get a lineup.

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