Acrobats Design Canada Pavilion with Rainwater Harvesting, Green Walls


It appears that Canada's greatest contribution to world culture since William Shatner have moved beyond just performing; Cirque du Soleil are now architects as well. They were chosen to "imagine and design the Canada Pavilion for the 2010 International Expo in Shanghai," now under construction.


ArchDaily writes:
Canada has also given environmental protection consideration into the pavilion. Part of the pavilion’s exterior walls will be covered by a special kind of greenery and rainwater will be collected by a drainage system for use inside the pavilion.

Cirque du Soleil created the concept design for the Pavillion and will also create public performances, organize cultural programs and develop strategic corporate alliances for the pavillion.


The theme is a mash Canadian themes together with our new prize catch, Richard Florida: ‘The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative’.

More at ArchDaily, and Cirque de Soliel

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