Accidental Sustainability: Paul Isabella's Burly Man Chair


Designer (technically still a student designer, at SCAD) Paul Isabella has an ambitious and pretty impressive portfolio, especially for someone still in school. He's recently updated his site with some fresh new designs, and they look pretty awesome. We like the "Burly Man" chair, a tasty piece of design utilizing our friend bent plywood, the resource-efficient material that can cut back on the use of wood up to 10 times when compared to more traditional furniture-making techniques. Though Isabella doesn't make any overtures about being green or employing sustainable practices in anything he designs, he managed to make it part of the way down the highway to the sustainable zone. Imagine what he could do if he was trying to be green. Get up close and personal with Burly Man, and check out something called "Modfather," after the jump. ::Paul Isabella via ::Josh Spear



modfather \\ The concept behind this comes from an old grandfather clock but simplifying it down to its bare essentials. The graphic represents where the pendulum and weight would normally function, here they become part of the aesthetic and humor. The fabrication technique is unique in that it uses the face of the clock as the plug and is vacuum formed into a negative plug and is vacuum formed into a negative plug for the frame.