A Wood and Plexiglas Cloud Makes a Surprising Peri-Urban Retreat


Photos Courtesy of Zebra3/Buy-Sellf

As awesome as cities are, getting away from time to time is a good idea. But as refreshing and necessary as a vacation in the countryside can be, it comes with its own headaches, especially in terms of increased carbon footprint. But if you're lucky enough to be around Bordeaux, in Southwestern France, you don't have to go far to find a great spot to kick back.

Just outside Bordeaux, you can find Le Nuage (the Cloud), a "playful and poetic" lakeside peri-urban retreat, made of wood and Plexiglas, which sleeps seven.


The Cloud, part art installation, part functioning hotel, is the work of art group Zebra3/Buy-Sellf, based on a concept by urban workshop Bruit du Frigo (whose name means "Refrigerator Noise"). Sitting the west bank of the lake outside Bordeaux, it is open to the public until October 31. And it's free, you just need to make a reservation via Facebook.

The interior of the cloud is sparse but cozy; guests sleep in bunk beds. And that's a good thing- nestled on the shores of a gorgeous lake, there's no reason to spend any more time inside than necessary. A minimal impact, thought-provoking design, the Cloud just shot the top of my list of vacation destinations.


More photos at Flodeau
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