A Wine Rack for Your Bike Made From Scrapyard Metal and Chemical-Free Leather


Photos Courtesy of Jesse Herbert

Living in France, I've developed an appreciation for good wine. That and my TreeHugger-cultivated love for biking make me a great admirer of the bicycle wine rack, which, from Montreal-based designer Jesse Herbert, is exactly what it sounds like. Made with metal picked up in scrapyards and chemical-free, non-dyed leather, this is a great accessory for summer picnics and get togethers.


Herbert worked for Environment Canda and Natural Resources Canada before turning to design, where he feels he makes more of a difference. Most of his work is in leather: cuff bracelets (with built in USB keys), yoga straps, a strap-on purse, and, in my opinion the most impressive, the bicycle wine rack. You can check out and purchase Holden's work through his Etsy store.

The bike wine rack fits onto any 1" bike frame with antique brass fasteners and hidden metal clamps that hold the bottle, which Herbert guarantees will never fall out. The brass used for the fasteners comes from a scrap yard; Herbert says that found objects are "what inspires me to create." The leather is free of chemical adhesives and dyes, and is vegetable tanned.

So why not brush up on Jerry's Green Wine Guide, strap a bottle on your bike, and head out for a perfect summer day? I'ts not the most necessary bike accessory in the world, but it's a fun idea and the leather looks awesome. It's also a great present idea (the rack runs for $25, plus shipping), remember, Sunday is Mother's Day!

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