A Visit to "TransPlastic" by Campana Brothers


Photo credit: All images by Ed Reeve, courtesy of The Artist and Albion, London.

Collin wrote about this exhibition of new work by the Campana Brothers back in June, but I am so enthused by my visit to this show today at the Albion Gallery in London, that I want to share some more images and my thoughts about the "TransPlastic" project. This really is wicker gone mad! These amazing hybrid forms effortlessly cross design, sculpture and art installation boundaries to create new sustainable forms. As Collin told us these creations are made using the Brazilian vine "Apuí" which is removed by hand from the forests to prevent it from suffocating the surrounding trees. It is amazing to see how the Campanas have designed these organic forms to reflect the behaviour of the material in nature, albeit in a totally abstract way. The forms insinuate growth around a foreign object that threatens to suffocate it. As you look at these objects you can well imagine the wicker continuing to grow across the floor, walls and ceiling of the gallery.


The foreign objects woven into the sculptural forms are pieces of furniture, some new plastic chairs, some reclaimed old leather stools and the lamps are made from reused plastic water gallons, which Humberto Campana had been collecting for some time before he found a use for them. The Campana Studio have told us that, "One day he decided to mix them with wicker and the first pieces of this collection started taking

The majority of these pieces were made by artisans hired from a traditional Brazilian wicker furniture company. While this project was a one-off for Albion, the Campanas have not discarded, "The possibility of industrializing a couple of pieces from this collection."


Thanks to the Campana Brothers for showing us new ways of recycling, reusing and reinterpreting materials.


Unfortunately today was the last day of the exhibition at Albion and the show will not be travelling. Fortunately for the Campanas they have sold almost all the pieces. However, the brothers have also created an installation in the garden at the Victoria and Albert Museum which will be on show till October 14th. :: Albion :: Campanas :: Victoria + Albert


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