A Vision of the Future: More Of The Same, But Shiny (Video)


Henry Ford said "If I asked my customers what they want, they simply would have said a faster horse"- people have always a hard time articulating visions of the future. In most visions of the future that I have shown, it is always much like the present, only shinier.

That is certainly the case with this amazing video from Corning Glass, everything is very shiny. People have big beautiful kitchens, drive to work alone in private cars on empty streets, bus stop electronic signage isn't covered in scratchitti, and offices are spacious and clean. It has everything I have ever complained about, only glassier and shinier.

Corning is one of the great innovative companies of the last hundred years, but this vision isn't very- visionary. Nicely done, though. Found on Freshhome

Now Monsanto, before they got evil, They had a vision of the future and actually built it.

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Arup also got it, with their vision of a green future. More at A Vision of a Green Future From Arup : TreeHugger

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