A Universal Leg System Makes Any Flat Surface Into a Table


All Images Courtesy of Jakob Schenk

Furniture that's minimalist, simple, and easy to assemble is a common theme on TreeHugger. Here's a table design that fits the bill perfectly: the tick, from Helsinki-based designer Jakob Schenk. It consists of two "pairs of legs" that clamp onto either end of a flat surface, making it into a stable table.


To clamp the legs on, just press the bottom endings together, opening the clamp, slide it onto the board, and let go. It works with any material; the only limit is the width of the surface: from 15 to 30mm (.6 to 1.2 inches). The legs are made of stainless steel, and come powder coated or chromed.

So if you've got an old board or plank lying around, an unhinged door, or really anything that you'd like to see as a table top, this is the design for you. Want to change things up? No worries, just pop in a new surface and you've got a new table, without any more waste or money spent.

Schenk is bringing the design to market in the coming months, starting with a model that will put the table 35cm (14in) off the ground. The tick will retail for around 60€. So if you can't wait to get your hands on one, let him know, and get on the list.





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