A Twisting Pedestrian Bridge Keeps Everyone Safe and Looks Great Doing It


All Images Courtesy of DVVD / Alain Baudry

When the Paris-based architecture firm DVVD set out to build a pedestrian bridge, they wanted to please everyone. Keep drivers safe from thrown objects by installing protective mesh around the bridge. Keep pedestrians safe by providing a well-lit passage over a busy road and river, but without caging them in. And so was born the twisting pedestrian bridge in Evry, France, just south of Paris, a remarkable design that's reminiscent of strands of DNA.


The architects wanted the bridge, spanning 70 meters, to be "transparent and fun." It's made of a series of connected round tubes, each of which makes a quarter turn per section. And so the result, for a price of 800,000 euros and built from 2006-2007, was nominated for the French architecture prize Equerre d'Argent (hyperlink) for 2007-2008.


The bridge is striking in its elegance and beauty. Maybe so much so that it will encourage Evry's residents to travel on foot instead of in a car.




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