A Travelling Hotel Suite Shows Guests and Hoteliers How to be Green (Photos)

the travelling suite photo

After visiting a hotel in Guadalajara, the centre of Spain, at the beginning of the year, the Travelling Eco Suite is currently spending time in Portugal. The Spanish boutique hotel chain Rusticae got together with the architects from Modulab, Egoin eco-energy engineers and the designer Tomás Alía to create the Travelling Suite. They call it 'ecosustainable' but since that word doesn't really exist (neither in English nor in Spanish) I'd call it en energy-efficient, water-saving, eco-designed luxury space I wouldn't mind spending a few days in. And if it then really grows on you, you can even buy one for yourself.

travelling suite interior photo

The 36 m2 Travelling Suite is portable, although I hope it doesn't clog up too many miles on the road. It claims to have reduced its energy consumption by 72% compared to a normal building, and to use 75% less water due to grey water reuse and rain water collection. 100% of the warm water comes from solar panels. The natural-coloured interiors are created using non-toxic materials such as wood and natural fibers as well as recycled and recyclable fabrics such as Ecoalf. It contains a luxurious bath tub and a shower (which could have been combined in order to save materials and space) but I hope people use the shower or, at least, bathe together to save water in such a big tub. The bathroom also features the w+w toilet-sink by Roca, hidden behind the door next to the shower. I'm not sure it needs an additional sink then (image below); this defeats the purpose of the w+w! I kind of like the idea behind the Travelling Suite but can't shake the feeling that this is another project to get on the green bandwagon without fully understanding the bigger picture.

travelling suite bathroom photo

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