A Solar Kitchen With a Plan, by Xcruza Design Studio

We just love to see items that have been carefully thought and that consider not only design, but also implementation. This portable solar kitchen by Argentine studio Xcruza is an example of that: more than being a nice prototype, the studio is trying to make the oven an industrial product that can have a bigger impact.

A solar kitchen that is actually available for purchase might not sound like something new in the States or Europe, but it is actually pretty rare in Argentina. "The kitchen's technological simplification allows it to become industrialized with a low cost, while still considering the security, cleaning, operation, storage and transport issues of a home appliance", says designer Victoria Rique.

On the other hand, its easy transportation and use (unfolded and ready to cook in eight simple steps, see the extended) make it an accessible item for the masses. The kitchen is composed almost totally of an isolating reflective material made with air bubbles covered by aluminum plaques, combined with a synthetic textile. Both materials are light, resistant and foldable, which makes the kitchen easy to storage and transport as a handbag. Safety and cleaning are both ensured through materials as well: they are fireproof, low heat conductive, and impermeable. However, the performance allows a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius.

We were also glad to find out that the capabilities of the kitchen are already being put to proof: 100 of them have been produced, 40 of which have been sold to the city hall of rural town Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe province), where they are being implemented in some rural schools as part of an education program. To find out more about the kitchen or get in touch with the designers, visit Xcruza website. ::Xcruza solar kitchen ::Xcruza


The eight steps to unfold the solar cooker.


Some samples of food cooked in the Xcruza kitchen.

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