A Second Life For Magazines: The Shredded Collection

shredded paper jes praet table photo

Images credit Kaitey Whitehead, Studio Jens Praet

I do love my Fast Company Magazine; it's nice to know that at least some of them find an afterlife in the Shredded Collection Table made by Studio Jens Praet. They write that they were "horrified by the huge amounts of wastepaper produced in offices and endeavored to find another use for it."

shredded paper jes praet table photo

The designers write:

The design studio has transformed unuseful documents and leftover magazines into valuable and useful objects. To this end are being mixed the confetti from shredded paper and resin into a mould and letting it harden to become rigid objects.

The paper-resin composite boasts a firmness similar to wood and has a unique appearance. Paper waste returns to our living or working area as functional furniture, bringing to mind just what little thought we give to general use of paper.

shredded paper jes praet table photo

But is it green?

This is a detail of a shelf unit made from 5 kilograms of "Art In America" magazine. The problem with both is that the 25 kilos of Fast Company are decoration, it is really a polyester resin table. It also reminds us of a dirty little secret of the magazine industry: that every month there are huge overruns and returns that end up being pulped. I suppose this is an interesting alternative.

More at Studio Jens Praet, via Designboom

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