A Prettier Power Pylon: British Competition Short List Unveiled (Survey)

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There are 88,000 power pylons in the UK, and the design of them has barely changed in 90 years. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change have been holding a competition for architects, engineers and students " to rethink one of the most crucial but controversial features of modern Britain: the electricity pylon."- Something we might want to consider on this side of the ocean; a smart grid deserves smart towers. The short list of six was announced this morning; vote for your favourite!

1. PLEXUS by Amanda Levete Architects and ARUP: Judges comments:
Tension and lightness are emphasized by this sophisticated design. Its design is very much of its time and the panel admired the grace of this visually dynamic proposal. pylon design competition image

2. T-Pylon by Bystrup
This proposal postulates simple vertical and horizontal members. It has a classic appearance and elegance, yet its starting point is a pure engineering response.
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3. Y-Pylon by Knight Architects, Roughan O'Donovan and ESB International
An extremely simple yet sophisticated idea, with a high degree of engineering innovation integrated into a coherent design.
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4. Silhouette by Ian Ritchie Architects and Jane Wernick Associates
This proposal is for the pylon as a sculptural object within the landscape. The overall effect and sophistication of the expression made this entry stand out aesthetically - particularly when considered in silhouette against the horizon.
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5. Flower Tower by Gustafson Porter, Atelier One, Pfisterer
The panel were impressed by the elegance of this submission which had been well developed into a contemporary, sculptural - yet technically inventive and feasible - option.
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6. Totem by New Town Studio and Structure Workshop
The panel enjoyed the simplicity yet sophistication of this idea. The decreasing density of structure as the pylon ascended to the sky was both logical and enjoyable, the whole effect was one of disappearance and permeability.

More at the Architects Journal; view PDF here.

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