A Modular, Expandable Compost Bin That Can Grow Plants and Store Tools, Too

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Domestic compost bins come in many shapes and sizes, for indoor and outdoor use, tumbling or not, to help you turn organic waste into delicious hummus for garden and pot plants. However, if until now you haven't come across your desired shape or size, check out the Combox. This Spanish compost bin is the first of its kind that is completely modular in all directions, can be segmented, is totally expandable and can also serve as urban vegetable garden or storage for garden tools. And on top of it, this recycler is made of 100% recycled and recyclable post-consumer plastic waste.Shape and Size, you decide!

Starting with the basic 150-litre modules (60 x 60 x 40 cm), you can build the size and shape you need; for example L-shaped or, O-shaped around that big tree in the middle of your garden. If you live in a small household with a bit of garden, start with 300 litres. If you suddenly find yourself move into a big house surrounded by a lush garden, you can easily upgrade the Combox to 2100, 2400 etc. litres. Pick one of the standard designs, or build and customise your own with the COMbox online application (only in Spanish so far).

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Multifunctional: Compost Bin = Urban Vegetable Garden = Storage

The Combox serves as a compost bin with different compartments according to the stage of maturity of the compost. Let the compost mature until you decide to fertilise the plants, while you start another module with fresh organic waste. Moreover, you can also use some of the modules as pots to grow your own vegetables, or as storage space for gardening tools or kids' toys.

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Usually garden compost bins sit straight on top of the soil so that the organisms can get in easily and the compost tea can seep into the earth. The Combox can be used as such, but it also comes with an optional base that allows you to place it on paved floors, such as a terrace. The base has a built-in drainage system and collects the liquid fertiliser in a dish underneath, which serves to water the plants.

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Easy to Use All Year Round

Accessibility is key. The lid allows you to easily add fresh organic waste at the top and stir the mixture from time to time. Each panel at the bottom can be opened like a door by sliding one of the bars up, in order to extract the mature compost. If you have dry leaves in your garden, it is recommended that you use one compartment to store those and add them little by little over the winter.

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100% Recycler, Recycled & Recyclable
Combox is made of 100% post-consumer waste and is non-toxic, fire-proof and weather-resistant. It is long-lasting (around 30 years!) and can be fully recycled at the end of its life. The fact that it is easily expandable, repairable (all pieces are sold separately) and the shape can be adapted to any garden or space, makes it last a lifetime or more. The company calculated that by making a 450-litre Combox out of recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic, it saves 38 kilos of CO2 emissions, which compares to the emissions of a car driving 211 km.

Flat-Pack in a Reusable Bag

The Combox is completely flat-pack, which reduces the impact on the environment during transportations. It comes in a cool reusable bag, as opposed to a cardboard box which would only last the journey. The recyclable bag can be used to collect leaves, store stuff or for shopping at IKEA...

Combox is a product by Compostadores, a Spanish company that specialises in domestic composting. For more information in English, read the Combox leaflet 'The Limits Are Set by You' on Issuu and visit the Compostadores web site. The Combox is available throughout Europe via the Compostadores online store, and the company is currently looking for distributors in the US. Prices range from 65,25€ for 300 L to 369,75€ for a 2100-litre one. One side panel costs 7,25€. ::Compostadores ::Combox (in Spanish)

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