A Marathon of Talks About Gardens at Serpentine Gallery

stefan boeri photo

Photo: serpentine gallery Stefano Boeri, Vertical Forest, Milan

It's an orgy, of sorts. Two days straight of talk about gardens from all kinds of architects, landscapers, gardeners,scientists, and philosophers.

Held annually for the past 6 years at the Serpentine, it's particularly fitting this year that the theme should be gardens since it is being held in Piet Oudolf's exquisite garden in the Zumthor pavilion at the Gallery.

Taking place this weekend, the subject matter will be gardens: history of garden design, poetry, exploration of their spacial, urban and architectural importance, conservation, bio-diversity, museums, Kew's Seed Bank, walled gardens, kitchen gardens, and on and on.

So who will be there? Interestingly, Stefano Boeri, the architect of the fabulous looking Bosco Verticale in Milan. It is 27 stories high and will be the first vertical forest. If the units were individual houses it would require 50,000 sq m of land, and 10,000 sq m of woodland so it's a major innovation.


Photo: serpentine gallery Charles Jencks
The Avenue of Doubles focuses through a sewer pipe on a volcano 375 million years old

Charles Jencks will be speaking about The Universe in a Landscape. His garden, The Avenue of Doubles, focuses through a sewer pipe on a volcano 375 million years old
It's part of a project in Scotland where he has incorporated into the artwork two rows of old objects that would have previously been used in the mining industry.

penone garden photo

Photo: serpentine gallery Giuseppe Penone Elevazione bronze
5 guarita trees

Giuseppe Penone is an Italian artist who will be very exciting to see. Much of his art is concerned with trees and parts of trees as sculpture. His talk is called The Garden Begins when a Man Tramples the Soil.

fritz garden photo

Photo: serpentine gallery Fritz Haeg
Edible Estate Regional Prototype Garden 2006

Fritz Haeg & Denise Withers will be there to discuss How a Garden can Change Your Life. He specializes in creating gardens in communal and residential spaces that are unusual.

diller high photo

Photo: serpentine gallery Elizabeth Diller
The High Line, New York

Elizabeth Diller from New York's wonderful High Line park will be speaking on Agri-tecture.

All in all, a weekend of gardening delights for the avid student,intellectual, scholar and enthusiast.

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