A Manifesto: 1000 Words for Sustainability in Design from Core77


Allan over at Core77 has written a 1000-word manifesto (that's right, exactly), of sorts, for sustainability in design, and it's absolutely worth reading for anyone who actively practices, is thinking about starting, or dabbles in design. Designers, especially those interested in sustainability, have to walk a fine line: design more products (that ideally solve problems while incorporating and further perpetuating sustainability in design) while not creating too much waste, crap or harm; Allan has some solid ideas about how to avoid the latter while embracing the former. Points that hold his manifesto together include: Stop Making Crap; Systems Before Artifacts; Hippocratic Before Socratic; and Screws Better than Glues. Though they all make good arguments as individual ideas, his ideas follow a fairly basic concept that TreeHugger is a big fan of: you have to think about where your stuff comes from (whether materials for design or food on your table) and you can't forget about where it's going to go when you're done with it. We like the way he finished the piece, so we'll borrow it for the same purpose: "The power of design is an amazing thing. Let's wield it wisely." ::1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design