A Line of Furniture You Build & Rebuild, However You Like


All images courtesy of Clark Davis

I move around a lot - between being home, at school, and now living abroad, I've lived in seven different apartments or rooms in the last five years. And I don't see myself settling down any time soon. That's why I'm so intrigued by Clark Davis' Gypsy Modular furniture. Inspired by Legos and an itinerant lifestyle, it's furniture that you can assemble and dissemble, however you like.


Davis, who grew up working in his father's cabinet shop, first conceived of the idea while moving between apartments, when he fit all of his belongings into his car, except his desk and bookshelf. Gypsy Modular is a solution for those who move a lot.

It's unique furniture that can be assembled without tools or hardware (great news for anyone who's ever put together something for Ikea). It's remarkably simple to put together, it's mobile, space saving when in transit, and sturdy. It's stylish, too, though I don't think everyone will like its look.

Check out the video of Davis assembling a desk in under 60 seconds:

Davis' design won him Student Innovator of the Year at Brigham Young University, and with the $3,000 in prize money, he set off to bring Gypsy Modular to market. He's worked in three different furniture lines: home, student and kids. (I'm not sure how often kids move, but I'm sure the fort-builders will love making their own furniture.) He's got chairs, desks, tables, shelves and cubbies, and is working on more designs.

But to really make it happen, Davis needs some more cash flow, which is why he's started a Kickstarter campaign. So pledge some dollars today, and support on of the more innovative designs to come around in a while.

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