A "Key" to Good Design: Modular Storage from Housefish


Combining design and engineering experience that includes Indy 500 winning racecars, composite aircraft, consumer products, and industrial equipment, Scott Bennett's Housefish now specializes in modern, contemporary furniture. Their newest product, called Key, is debuting at CO-Design, a show currently running (through August 25, 2007) at the P Design Gallery in Denver, Colorado, and we like it. We like it a lot. The modular pieces, which flat-pack for shipping, starts with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified maple veneer plywood, which gets a low-VOC finish before being built into one of three configurations: a low, stackable piece, plus one each with short and tall legs to take it off the floor and up to waist height. Check out pics of all three after the jump, as well as more details about some cool modifications coming to the design down the line. ::Housefish via ::designklub


Closeup of the stackable units

"Changes coming before production: a stabilizer bar at the bottom of the tall version (to better tie the sides together), tighter key fit, some sort of cord passthrough hole in the back, and the ability to stack short modules onto the medium or tall base."


"Options coming soon: a padded cushion to convert the low or medium module into a bench (would make great shoe storage), an adjustable internal shelf (for stacking AV components or CDs/DVDs), a door choice that allows IR remote control signals to pass through (probably either polycarbonate, glass, or perforated metal)."